Why cheating in online poker is not a good option?

Online poker is getting very popular recently and there are millions of players who are actively participating in online poker. There are more than 600 websites that will help you to play online poker. Many people have confusion about whether poker is rigged or not.

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If you are thinking that you can win online poker games by adopting unfair means, then it is not going to help you in the long run. While playing poker you will get several options that you can use to cheat in online poker, but it is always recommended to avoid doing it.


Ways to cheat


  • Bots: Many players use the bot to win the game. Bots are software that will play the game in your place and there is a chance that you will win the game. They are good enough and hence if your opponent fails to recognize that you are using the bot. This way, you have a chance of winning a huge amount. It is still best to avoid using bots because if the opponent knows that you are using bots then your account will be permanently deleted from the website. So in this way you are going to lose the money that you are earning and at the same time, you might get banned from using that particular website poker1001.


  • Ghosting: Ghosting is a method where you will have to purchase the account of another weak player. In this way, you can create an impression among the other players that you are not skilled in the game. So it will make other players encourage some tricky actions which they usually won’t if they know your identity. In this method, you might win the first few matches but you can’t play ghosting for a long time.


  • Chip Dumping: In the poker games, you can also opt for chip dumping where one player will have the intention of helping the other players. Generally, friends of the player do this. Whenever you are opting for chip dumping in the tournament you can earn a lot of cash and power. It is a harmless way of transferring funds. If you are performing your bets by taking actions that are going to benefit both the members then you might lose the chance of winning a huge amount.


It is always a wise idea to avoid using cheating techniques to win the games. Whenever you are opting for cheating techniques you are ruining the spirit of the game. In most cases, you won’t even learn how to play the game properly.


The rules of online poker websites are very stringent nowadays. In case, if you caught in the process, the site will delete the site permanently. It might also refrain you from participating in future tournaments or other online gambling. So learning poker online will take you some time but you should invest your effort instead of cheating. The motive of cheating will not help you to win a huge amount.